Thursday, December 11, 2008

Special delivery. One rich bitch.

When talking of the things I'd never done before, I used to be able to count ordering items off the radio amongst them. That was before last Saturday. Maybe it's been the general economic climate. Maybe it was a suspicion that my employer would file for Chapter 11 just two days laster. Or maybe it was just the early morning, pre-caffeine haze clouding my judgement. But as I drove along, listening to the paid programming that's airing more often now on my am news station, I was enraptured.

Loral Langemeier was being 'interviewed' on the air about her wealth-building philosophies--essentially that each of us can be rich--a millionaire, she'd say. And it's by capitalizing on things you're already doing. Let's say you're always watching the neighbors' kids...start a day care business. Perhaps you just love to knit...start ebaying those scarves in your closet (just because your family thinks they're awful doesn't mean someone in Alaska won't need one come winter). Or maybe you're already sleeping around town like a wild rabbit...well, get paid for those hours honey!

Since I already have hobbies--I like to write, I like taking walks, I like cleaning my sock drawer--I figured one of these interests might be sellable. Why not start a business of separating out my tall socks from the short ones?

I arrived home tonight with a reminder of this car ride--the call I hurriedly made and the conversation I had with a gentleman who asked what my financial goals were, tried to sell me a 'free' series of books and cds, and gladly took my VISA number. My book and CD (free, but for $9.99 shipping and tax) had arrived!

It was only now that I thought to do a little research on Loral. I've learned that her company, Live Out Loud, doesn't take too kindly to cancellations and isn't that keen on refunds. One woman calls her 'a crook.' Another warns that she'll 'sleep with your husband.' Well, luckily I'm not married. And I don't have much to steal. But needless to say, I might have looked into this before I provided my home address and banking info to her cronies on the phone.

In the event that I am evicted next week due to overdue payments I didn't realize I'd owe to the 'Loral Langemeier Knows I'm an Idiot and Will Buy Anything' Foundation, I'm going to get to reading my free 'Millionaire Maker' book tonight and listening to the free CD as soon as possible.

Here's to a richer tomorrow,
Your friend [the sucker] Jessie B. R.

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jesse Soursourian said...

Oh no! I've gotten roped into stuff like this before. There are loads of "music managers" and "talent agents" that say they ask for the monthly fee instead of taking a percentage because they "don't want to be in your pockets". What scammers! Hope it works out with lorel, though...