Monday, December 15, 2008

How the recession is affecting Lindsay, Sam and miscellaneous other celebrities. Not at all.

What better way to face hard economic times than to visit gifting suites, travel internationally, and buy bottles in Vegas? None, according to the activities of many celebrities this past weekend who corralled at parties, award shows and in Florence, apparently. [Vanity Fair]

Normally, it's nice to see how the better half live. Call it aspirational, if you will. But right about now--as I am forced to return sport bras at Target to get a measly $9.99 back and pass over even the biggest bargain sales--ya know, just in case I get laid off--I'd prefer to see Lindsay and Sam and Cameron Diaz and Nicolas Cage taking it easy for once. Maybe sticking to the pools at their own 5 acre estates, instead of in Dubai. Perhaps asking those corporate sponsors to donate money to relief funds instead of giving them the 30th iPhone they'll receive this year. Or maybe, if all else really fails, just inviting me along so I can let the rest of America know that you really do care about the little people.

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