Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Learnings from a 10 year old.

Last night I visited the temporary shelter where I volunteer twice a month with the younger residents. These children are pretty typical as children go--they are cute, they are full of energy, they can get pretty raucous after one too many Sponge Bob gummy candies (oops, that was my fault). Beside the fact that they're homeless, they are just your average kids. But the part about not having a home is a pretty big factor.

Between Hannukah word searches and paper plate Santa crafting last night, I asked the kids what they'd like for Christmas if the sky was the limit, so to speak. One of the younger ones was adamant in his wish for a Gremlin movie (at least I think that is what I deduced that he meant by 'gwomen'). One wished for a scooter. And one--one of the older kids who happens to be exceptionally bright--said very matter-of-factly, that she wanted a house for Christmas.

It's incredibly easy to take advantage of our fortunes. I have my own apartment that is consistently stocked with food and a wardrobe (even if I do shop for groceries at Target now and I'm Ebaying off my designer duds one by one). So, huge thanks to a 10 year old for putting my bitching and moaning in perspective. My wish for Christmas is that those kids get houses too.

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