Monday, December 29, 2008

Xs & Os: Marriages rally as economy falls to pieces.

My cousin--we'll call him Joe--is married to a woman with no job, lots of problems, and a generally unpleasant disposition. The kind of woman, when love's worn thin and senses have been come to, that a man might think to divorce. But the economy's tough right now, Joe's business is suffering, and his adjustable mortgage has increased. To quote Joe, he "can't afford to divorce her."

It seems the economy has reached a new low--one that is forcing people not only to be miserable, but to remain in relationships with individuals even more miserable than themselves in order to save bank.

It's times like these that remind me how lucky I am that I've never had the money to buy property, nor a suitor interested in marrying me. That's right, all you married folks in your million dollar homes that are now only in the upper hundred thousands--boy, oh boy, do I have the upper hand now.

For more information on the economy's impact on divorce, check out today's NY Times article on the housing fall.

For those thinking about getting married this year and buying a little love nest together--it's not, I repeat not--the time to do it. Just say no.

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