Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I graduated from Wesleyan University. Shouldn't I be smarter?

Last night I went to a reception for my alma mater, Wesleyan University. The reception, meant to part alumnae with their money--supposedly earned in plenitude since graduation--made me realize just how little I'm making in relation to former classmates, who've opted for more lucrative careers as agents, filmmakers, financial planners, prostitutes, etc. The entire evening reminded me of my college years--how long it took me to realize that though my friends would party til all hours, they were actually spending their days in the library, bettering themselves and earning A's. That while Wesleyan students gave the illusion of being crazier than a pack of rabid wolves, they were actually rather bright and committed to their work. That I was the near the only one who was doing the nighttime rounds but taking off the days too.

And now in adulthood, I'm realizing that my peers have duped me once again. All four years of protesting commercialism and 'the man' were quickly traded for high-paying jobs and suits in the real world. So, while I've been thinking that 'no, money doesn't matter!,' it's the 'integrity' of what I'm doing that really makes the difference, I've been fiscally surpassed by nearly everyone I graduated with, and probably those who came after me as well.

It seems the only thing to do is to ask the University for reimbursement of funds lost while I was holding on the the supposed ideals of the institution. That and for a refresher course in harsh reality.

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Anonymous said...

no kidding - tell me about it. i got a $120,000 private university education --- to be this hand to mouth freelance writer - oh boy!