Sunday, December 14, 2008

Xs & Os: Marriage. If you fail, try, try again.

Every Sunday, I read the NY Times' Weddings and Celebrations 'news' online. It's within the Style section. Apparently love and marriage are stylish. I read the stories of couples--finding each other, falling in love, getting married--because I would like to follow this path myself one day. But the NY Times writers leave out the drama, the fights and the divorces. I generally prefer it this way.

Today, the highlighted Vows story discusses Jane Kallir and Gary Cosimini's wedding. It'a a second marriage, which is not uncommon for the Times to feature these days--tales of second chances are the new American dream after all. But today's featured couple has just married each other for the second time. At reading this, I first thought 'but that's unfair. they've had their turn with each other. leave it alone for someone who's not yet had a go. who's still single godammit.' But their story's actually quite touching--it's one about loving each other too soon, and then finding each other again when the time is right. Well, Jane and Gary--you have my blessing. Which is, I'm sure, what you've been waiting for.

Photo credit: NY Times

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