Sunday, December 14, 2008

Breaking News Alert: Kanye West's ego may explode his head.

In Britain's Oberver, Kanye West is quoted as saying 'I WOULD definitely like to be cool with the president. I would just like to hoop with him.' [NY Post - Page Six]

Seriously Kanye? I know you're famous and all. But the president's got bigger fish to fry. And much, much, much more intelligent people to chat with. I know you went to UniverseCity and all [haha, real good one Kanye]. But I think your ego's officially reached an inbalanced ratio to your actual amount of talent.

For the latest example of Kanye's [un]talent: last night's SNL performance. [Gawker]

If only Kanye could have kept to developing his talent (which yes, I absolutely believe he's got) instead of fostering his God complex. People don't want to hate you's just so hard not to!

Photo Credit: Kanye West's MySpace

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