Sunday, June 05, 2011

Parting is such sweet sorrow. Buh-bye for now KCMO.

On Friday night I said farewell--not forever, just for a hopefully brief amount of time which we won't even think about because it pains us too very much--to the people and places which I have become so very fond of over the last 7 weeks. On First Friday, which was to be my last Friday, I saw some things and some people. The things and people I saw included but were not limited to: musicians making music on the street wearing masks, attracting people, art--a lot of great art--by friends new and old[er], friends, crowds of people as or more excited than me to be outside on a beautiful night in KCMO, bakers baking bread at Fervere--one of whom sold me a loaf to take home to my mother in New York despite their being closed and us being in their way and all...

Thank you Kansas City for a totally rocking, life changing, mind-altering 7 weeks with you. You will not soon, not never be forgotten. Mostly because I intend to return to you sooner than later and possibly sooner than you'd even like.