Sunday, January 22, 2012

If Rachel Zoe created artsy offspring with a farmhouse...

Becca Kallem, your watercolors are magical. And so superbly insightful. If I were a giraffe, I'd wear Burberry too. I'd have a long neck. I'd want to cover it up in style. This is obvious to me. I'm glad this is obvious to you too. And were I a bird, I'd wear Louis Vuitton. I'd buy from the old Murakami, multi-colored logo collection. I'd scout it out on eBay, pay at whatever cost, and wear it to all the most chic bird nest parties. Obvs.

I just bought a print from Becca's online etsy shop. I bought it cause Becca gets it. Also because her prints are only $22 (less if you buy before January 31st while her New Year's sale is going on). And lastly, but not insignificantly, because Becca donates $2 from each sale to the Washington Animal Rescue League. Aaah, a philanthropist too--Becca, you are amazing!

Oh, also because I'm a Leo and us lions like to see pictures of ourselves. We're totally narcissistic and we accept this about ourselves.

Check out Becca's etsy shop. Check it out now!

[via Design Sponge]