Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy early Hanukkah from Jessie B. R. and the state of Texas.

I didn't realize there were Jews in the South...or anywhere between LA and New York for that matter. But according to this video, not only are there Jews in Texas, but they sing country. While I'm no News 8 broadcaster, it looks as though this particular Jew, Mark Rubin, also enjoys his fair share of potato pancakes.

I'm sure we'll all want to note that this musical moment was brought to us by Don's Grass & Landscaping.

Happy early Hannukah,
Jessie B. Rubin and my fellow Jews of Austin

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Eric Almendral said...

Sure there are Jews in Texas. Kinky Friedman is the king of humorous Jewish Texan country musicians. Then again, at my high school they had to make me an honorary member of our class Jew Crew (I'm half) so there would be 4 of us.