Thursday, December 04, 2008

Spiritual awakening.

I woke up at 6:15 am today to attend a 7:15 workout class. In the haze of early morning I noticed, for the first time, the convent down the street from my studio. At just 7 am, the nuns were already outside, eating breakfast, decked out in their usual attire--and I had to wonder at their dedication to something so enigmatic. I spend nearly every day wondering how to find fulfillment--is is through corporate ladder climbing, relationship building, miniature crafting? While these ladies have chosen an invisible, unproven cause to give their lives to. And to me, I can't help thinking that they've chosen a cop-out. To select an entity so elusive, and yet so widely respected that no one will counter your choice, and then to spend your life--not seeking personal joy or facing your morality--but instead worshiping, seems like (perhaps?) the easy path.

And apparently, there are others out there who are in agreement. In time for Christmas, the American Humanist Organization spent $40,000 on an ad campaign stating 'Why believe in God? Just be good, for goodness sake.' Many of are 'good' because the bible threatens us with eternal damnation if we sleep with our sister's husband or eat the banana before we reach the supermarket check-out (not that I've done this. ever.). But being good just because it's the right thing to do, not because we fear a long and hot afterlife--now that is holy.

Trendcentral recently picked up on the theme of questioning God and religion. It's a recurring debate now amongst young (and old) theorists, laymen and spiritualists. And one worth us all engaging in.

Photo Credits: Bus Ad - American Humanist Organization

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