Friday, December 19, 2008

Learning when to say goodbye.

Do you remember the first time you realized you weren't wanted somewhere? Perhaps it was in grade school during recess when you got picked last for the dodgeball team (I will vehemently deny that I'm projecting here). Maybe it was in high school, when you sat down at a lunch table to find that the conversation had come to an abrupt stop and no one would look in your direction (again, this has never--I repeat--never happened to me)?

Well, Governor Blagojevich has been given less subtle hints that no one wants him in office, say, the FBI's arrival at his home to arrest him, the national media's recent talk of his criminal activity, or, perhaps, his own government cohorts' attempt to impeach him.

Today, however, Blagojevich publicly announced that he had engaged in no criminal activity, would not resign and promised “I will fight, I will fight, I will fight.” Typically, I've found, political fighting is best done on behalf of a general public, someone who cares. Who, exactly, does Blagojevich think he's fighting for, or with?

Seriously, Rod...seriously!...get the hint. Get off the dodgeball field. Pick your lunch up and go sit at another table. Resign for goodness sake. It's time to say goodbye.

Photo credit: NY Times

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Ideas for free said...

This guy is a major choch. Unbelievable he's fighting this thing. The sad thing is, I believe he believes he's innocent. Power and narcissism are deadly combo.