Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Marketplace: Thicker and wider, you say?

As you may already know, I'm partial to radio infomercials, commercials and, in general, anything marketed at me while I'm too distracted to put up a fight. So, the other night when I heard a radio spot for Prolixus, the only product on the market that will make a penis wider and thicker [because, there is, apaprently, a distincton between the two] and was being offered with a free tape measure no less, I had to find out more.

In googling the product, I've not had much luck finding the free tape measure offer [sorry guys--you'll just have to trust that your member is growing], but I did find out a bit more about the creators of this miracle drug.

Apparently, '3 former medical students' discovered the amazing formula. The three fellas below are pictured...

I'd like to point out that nowhere does it say that these images depict the actual creators, does it mention their names, a way to reach them, or does it say that the inventive students ever actaully earned their degree.

Value: The website for Prolixus promises that with use 'you'll see...women are worshipping you and desiring sex from you more often!' If this thing works...priceless. If it doesn't work, but you can find the deal with the free tape measure...4 bucks.

The verdict: My guess--you'll have more luck enlarging your hoo-ha with a pump and some penis pilates. As for 'enhancement,' I'm sure you can find some ways to spice things up that don't involve a 60 day pill regimen.

Photo credit: Prolixus.net

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