Saturday, December 06, 2008

Food find: Auntie Em's Kitchen.

You may remember my Thanksgiving meal from last week (oh come now--I know you're an avid reader of the blog). We'd catered it from Auntie Em's Kitchen, the quaint little eatery in Eagle Rock. If you never venture further than 3rd Street for breakfast, let me fill you in--there are indeed eggs available way over by Glendale--it's true.

So, we drive for what seems like a good eternity through snow, sleet, and rain...oh, shit...wrong we travel for like 25 minutes, past the area I so fondly refer to as 'Little Mexico,' past Silverlake (another area some of you may fancy for it's overwhelming 3 breakfast spots) , and into Eagle Rock. The Rock (if I lived here this is surely what I would call this neighborhood) is still relatively undeveloped compared to its neighboring hipster meccas, save the All Star Lanes, where I believe that you might really be able to contract diptheria through a drink at the bar, and the new Fresh & Easy, which is clearly too fresh, easy and or clean for the residents of The Rock--many of whom look as though they'd rather shop at the modern day, rockabilly cum lumberjack's country mart--for the lot was near empty.

Anyway, we did finally arrive to the restaurant famous for their red velvet cupcakes and bakery case filled with oozing deliciousness.

The food: My breakfast special, the 'Almost-Tuscan Scramble,' was almost-bland as boiled potatoes, but was saved by the side of what I think may have been electrifyingly [and perhaps scarily] green pesto. Be warned, the bottle, so handily labeled 'ketchup' on our table had a kick (maybe chipotle?). Something they may have thought to mention if they were going to go so far as to label their condiments. Ketchup is ketchup damnit. And I would have liked some for my g d eggs.

Also of note, the coffee is 'self-serve'--a situation that could be fairly annoying if your table was far enough away and you are a big-enough coffee drinker.

The service: Once we were finally able to grab a server's attention, the food came out super-quickly. Our waitress was nice enough, though she seemed to hide a special brand of 'specialness' behind her platinum bob and dark, thick-rimmed glasses. The 'specialness' of the staff may account for the customers having to get their own coffee.

The verdict: All in all, I'd give this joint a big So-So and a definite I'd Go Back There Again.*

* Scale of ratings may, and will, change at the blogger's discretion and the relation of Earth to Mars.

Photo Credit: Auntie Em's (Note: the actual food did not look quite as pretty as this pic from their website)


Alexandra said...

Do I have to go all the way to the Rock for Electrifying Pesto, or is this something I can get at Ralphs?

Jody Orsborn said...

Oh The Rock! There are actually a couple of fantastic little spots over in that hood. Have you tried Cafe Beaujolais or it's breakfast spot offshoot Le Petite Beaujolais yet? I lived in France for a while- and that is some of the most authentic French food (sorry Le Figaro) that I've had in LA for a relatively decent price (for nice French food that is). Re: Auntie Em's- did you at least have a red velvet cupcake? You gotta appreciate them cause they have the mini cupcakes too--so if you want to be bad--you don't have to be TOO bad:)

xo, Jody

Jessie B. R. said...

The electrifying green is absolutely something unique to The Rock. Pesto found at Ralph's will likely show a more standard shade of green.

Jessie B. R. said...

Jody--thanks for the suggestion! I will absolutely try Le Petite Beaujolais next time I'm out that way. I will NOT be able to pronounce where I am going, but I will go. And for sure--we got a cupcake to go--it was the large version--and delicious.

xx * j

Deborah Levine said...

I LOVE Auntie Em's. In the future I suggest calling ahead, picking it up, and coming over & eating with me down the block :)

Jessie B. R. said...

Or better yet, Deb, we stay local and go to my all time fave Nick's!