Wednesday, September 09, 2009

We Like to Party: HBO's 'Bored to Death' (+ food. a lot of food.)

The great folks at Cornerstone/Fader invited me to stop by the screening party for HBO's new comedy Bored to Death tonight.

Why this party was fantastic...

a. It was held at one of my fave LA venues, Smog Shoppe (don't try to Google it unless you're looking for an LA smog check). Smog Shoppe makes better use of new urban garden trend, Woolly Pockets, than any hipster DYI fan ever could. In other words, its landscaping, as well as its fun, vintagey decor, rocks.

b. Cute boys served us pizza, courtesy of Larchmont's Village Pizzeria.

c. Let's Be Frank had a cart on site serving up, well, franks. BREAKING NEWS: Let's Be Frank does serve veggie dogs.

EVEN BIGGER BREAKING NEWS: They are the best fake meat product I've ever ingested. Cross my heart or hope to give up all soy products.

c. The bar understood us all to be the classless younguns we are and served up beer and wine in branded mugs. Just like I serve up my own Two Buck Chuck at home. First class all the way.

d. Polite in Public was on hand to capture us all looking like giant idiots.

e. The lovely DJ Valida kept us moving with tunes...thereby burning off every single calorie ingested throughout the evening. True story.

f. They showed an advance screening of the first episode of Bored to Death, starring odd but funny-man, Jason Schwartzman, the hysterical Zach Galifianakis (who, truth be told, did not shine in this episode), Curb's Ted Danson, and penned by the fantastically talented writer and performer, Jonathan Ames (who gives the main character his own name. suave. real suave). And that, of course, is why we all came. (Nothing to do with the free food or anything like that. No, seriously.)

The show was genius. Ok, perhaps not genius. But smart--very smart.

And I'll end with the best snippet of a line from the show, as delivered by Ted Danson's character ...Bored to Death is like 'Death by a thousand dull conversations.'

UPDATE: Wanna get in the spirit of the show before it airs next week? Take a listen to the catchy theme song, written by Schwartzman and Ames themselves and performed by Coconut Records. Give a listen here.


Chai Chonagon said...

Oh Jason Schwartzman and Coconut Records. Love him and can't wait for this show!

Ron Nery said...

I agree! I also went last night and had a fun time. :) Didn't know there were veggie dogs though!

Jessie B. R. said...

Oh, there WERE. And they were FANtastic!

V-random said...

this WAS a great event and yes one of the most rad venues in LA - how did I not see you there?!