Sunday, September 20, 2009

Skin Deep: Placenta Facials erase wrinkles, make me ill.

The search for youthful looks is centuries old. Women--especially the Hollywood breed--are always chasing after wrinkle-free skin and baby soft complexions. But I recently learned of a beauty craze that's swept Hollywood that has me more queasy than curious. It's not that new to LA clinics anymore, but I'm thankfully late on this news...apparently placenta facials are the latest fad in anti-aging.

For those who don’t know, placentas are the organs that surround fetuses in the womb. Gross? Well, in their intended state--no--they're actually pretty functional and cool. But aestheticians are now promoting them as a radical beauty fix for aging patients. And yeah--that is pretty flipping gross.

Amongst the celebrities who have sought placenta treatments in Beverly Hills clinics and beyond? Supposedly, Denise Richards, Megan Fox and J. Lo are on the client list. I'm the first to admit--these ladies look good. But smearing childbirth remains over my face? Well, let's just say I'll take my chances with wrinkles.

What are your thoughts? Would you take a little placenta cream over those crows' feet sneaking up on you?


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