Saturday, September 19, 2009

My apologies for misleading the searching public.

Tonight I discovered Google's Webmaster Tools. (Now, the fact that I am home on a Saturday night exploring the ins and outs of search engine indexes is not the point here, so stop judging right now.)

I found that this blog has appeared in rather high positions for those searching for the following odd and 'dirty' items on the interweb...
  • how to make platform sneakers
  • stuffing my face
  • wider and thicker (not to be confused with...)
  • thicker and wider
  • gays cum
  • perversion los angeles
  • playboy c
I don't even recall writing about most of these things, let alone the context in which they were written. But to all those who may have landed here via Google in search of something a little steamier, slightly more pornographic, or containing more practical information about the making of platform kicks...I'm sorry. I hope that what you found here instead held your interest. If not, I suppose I could consider a future in online erotic literature (not unlike the 'fiction' of our more conservative Evangelical friend from South Carolina).

[Image Credit: Peter Driben]

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