Saturday, September 12, 2009

art in LA: Doug Aitken gives you something to do after dark.

You're just winding down after your first date with whatshis/herface. You're completely head-over-heels in-like and you could [probably] muster up some additional points of interesting conversation if you could only figure out where to take him/her next. After all, it's surely too soon to ask him/her to come back to your place to check out collection...right?

Enter Doug Aitken's public art installation, up today through October 17th after sunset. Now, how romantic is that? Granted, Aitken's project likely has after-hours hours because the medium is projection. But it's a killer added bonus that you now have a great place to end your date through the middle of October.

DOUG AITKEN - migration

Internationally renowned artist Doug Aitken's first monumental public
project in Los Angeles seen from Santa Monica Boulevard at Almont Drive,
from sunset to sunrise September 12- October 17th.

Part of LAXART's Public Art Initiatives with ForYourArt - L.A.P.D. (LA Public Domain) and the City of West Hollywood's Art on the Outside


cherie said...

please remind me to take someone on a date here when i come back from vacation.


Jessie B. R. said...

Cherie--you got it. And if you can't find a date, we can gather a group for a platonic outing. * jbr