Monday, September 14, 2009

Design Dish: Zac Posen and his amazing horrific runway.

It's NY Fashion Week. And I'll admit that I've been paying less than a ton of attention. But I have love for Zac Posen--perhaps it's my admiration for his huge success at such a young, young, young (god, what am I doing wrong?) age or maybe it's his boyish good looks. Mostly it's the wearability of his fashions (ok, ok--his good looks too).

But this week's show completely confused my tastes. Some pieces made me want to run out and spend money I don't have. And others made me glad that Zac Posen is not in my price range.


If I had killer abs, teeny tiny breasts and balls to the wall confidence, I would wear this piece. In reality, I have none of these things. But I would still buy it. And try it on each night for myself. And covet it.

If I weren't a vegatarian, I'd wear blue fur every day. I'd sleep in it too.

Dresses like this make me wish for more cocktail party invites. (That's not necessarily a hint. But sure, I'll come to your party.)


The 80's are back. And they're way worse than ever. Hey la, hey la, the 80's are back.

If even the model looks slightly too curvy in this piece, that's surely a sign that none of us should buy this, yes?

If an ostritch were shot multiple times as target practice, tied with a bow and stuffed with a skinny blonde, I imagine it might look something like this.

Zac, I still heart you. But not so many cut-outs. Please god, not so many cut-outs.

[Image Credit: John Aquino via WWD]

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