Friday, September 11, 2009

Design Dish: Anna Sheffield for Target (or Ugly Things For Those Who Can't Afford the Real Thing)

The opening screen for designer's Anna Sheffield jewelry collection at Target tell us to 'Expect Vintage Gone Modern at Throwback Prices.'

This all sounds great. I click to 'Shop the Collection.'

And then, friends, I find this...

And this...

And Iwonder if, by 'Vintage Gone Modern at Throwback Prices,' they really mean 'Modern Gone Ugly at Inflated Prices Cause Anything but Free Would be Too Expensive for This Junk.'

I'm ok with this 'Bird and Scissor Earring Set.' But I can't figure out what birds and scissors have to do with each other. Nor, why I have to buy them as a set. Maybe I like birds, but don't want to wear a pair of shears on my lobes.

It's all nonsense to me. Why does 'Design for All' have to translate to 'Ugly Things For Those Who Can't Afford the Real Thing.' Give me quality design or give me nothing at all, thank you.

To shop the real Anna Sheffield, visit her website. Cause it's true--you get what you pay for.

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