Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I wanna smell like...Beyonce??

Beyonce is just the latest in a slew of celebrities who are lending their names to perfumes, colognes, (perhaps even scented room sprays by now? Who knows!).

Now, I understand wanting to dress like a star. Who doesn't want to feel like they belong on a red carpet? And I sort of (maybe--kind of?) get those folks who get a new hair cut to match each of Jennifer Aniston's new dos. But smelling like a celeb? I'm just not sure I understand.

Last time I was in CVS, I took note of each celeb spray in the key-protected, glass-enclosed fragrance case (don't worry, CVS--no chance I'm trying to steal any of these).

Below, the celebs who've made it to the fragrance aisle and what I imagine their scents smell of...
Celine - Canadian sausage + glitter (does glitter smell? I hope so.)
Usher - A little like Aqua Velvet
David Beckham - Dirt and sweat (I don't imagine I'd mind David's sweat)
Hillary Duff - A little bit sweet--a little bit stale
Antonio Banderas - Rawhide with a splash of chile
Tim McGraw - Gumbo
Shania Twain - Canadian gumbo
Paris Hilton - Bleach + wet dog
Sarah Jessica Parker - Cotton candy + hairspray
Kimora Simmons - Does 'bitch' stink?
J-Lo - The Bronx
Jennifer Lopez - Miami
Mariah Carey - Valium
Britney Spears - Slurpees
Sean John - Ciroc vodka and cran

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Amber Avines said...

Love it, Jessie. Don't forget Pamela Anderson's new fragrance. It's called Malibu.

I love Pam since she's such an animal advocate so I'm not going to bad mouth her (she's awesome). I imagine her smell would be veggie hot dogs and leafy green vegetables (she's a veggie gal like us!).