Wednesday, January 20, 2010

For lovers and burger lovers-Valentine's Day at White Castle.

Southern Californians. I should start by letting you know the bad news that there are no White Castles in our state. But for the rest of the country, I couldn't be more envious. This Valentine's Day, y'all will know romance like I have only dreamt about. I am imagining hearts swooning, bottles popping, men on their knees and couples living happily ever after. How can you get in on the sweet V-Day action, you ask? White Castle is taking ressies. That's how. Per the burger chain's site, you can...
Wow your special someone with tableside service, flowers and candlelight, in a place made famous for late night cravings. We’ll even upload a photo of your romantic rendezvous to our website.
A square bun, flimsy meat patties, and candlelight. I may have just died a little inside. Call your nearest White Castle now to book your burger dinner for two. With timeslots as early as 4 p at some locations you can get in, get out, and get down with your honey before sundown.

[via Guest of a Guest]

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