Thursday, January 21, 2010

Do Good: score tickets to Coachella in an artsy-fartsy, clean-green way.

You're pretty handy with a paintbrush, you love the earth (in a totally platonic way), and you're dying to go to this year's Coachella (we've all seen you seat dancing to Jay-Z on your ride to work). But, sadly, tickets are expensive and you wouldn't dare to go without VIP access, you poor, broke snob, you.

Enter, Global Inheritance's 'Get TRASHed' contest.
We invite you to submit your artwork and be considered to design one of the 20 recycling bins featured at Coachella. What's even better is that the non offensive redesigned bins will be placed in schools throughout Southern California after Coachella to inspire the future recyclers of the world! Next steps? Send us a link to your artwork, concept and/or website.
Find out more and enter to win on Global Inheritance.

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