Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Skin Deep: American Apparel recalls its new nail lacquers. Oops.

It feels like just last week that American Apparel's own collection of nail lacquers hit stores. Ah, perhaps that's because it pretty much was.

The polishes are available no longer as there were 'quality' issues with the glassware. Oops. I guess the brand that's so accustomed to creating flimsy, barely there clothes couldn't create a functioning glass bottle.

[via New York Magazine]


Nichole said...

Hey, I work for AA in Montreal and wanted to clear things up a bit. The polishes were recalled because of quality issues with the glass, but they're being fixed as we speak and the new run will be out in stores in the next few weeks.

For anyone who has already purchased the polish, we will offer an exchange of two new bottles or a $10 giftcard for anyone who brings in a unit from the original run or a receipt.

Jessie B. R. said...

Thank you for the info Nichole!

* Jessie B. R.