Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dirty hipsters finally get the media attention they deserve.

If The Hills met Spike Jonze, fell in love, and brought the homeless man from 7-Eleven in for a threesome...their baby would look like this terrible idea for a reality show about Silverlake's young, wealthy hipster set. Curbed LA reports that producers are now casting for this very show.

The Craigslist casting ad reads as follows...
A new Reality Show is casting Silver Lake's rich, wealthy, hipster GUYS and GIRLS 21-30 whose personal style is homeless chic: Guys with beards, ratty hair and raggedy yet stylish clothing – and Girls dressed in fashionable, vintage hippie-type garb accessorized with large sunglasses and oversized tote bags. You must be incredibly involved in the Silver Lake social scene, enjoy a sensational nightlife Silver Lake style and be very outspoken with a vivacious personality. You must also hang with a racially diverse, intriguing group of friends who all live in Silver Lake.
Wow. Finally a chance for the East side's trust fund kids to 'work' for a living. And bring their hipster minority friends into the mix as well. So they can all buy more ripped jeans to store in their manses. Classy.

[via Amber of Words Done Write via Curbed LA]
[Image via Yeah Right Radio]

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