Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Design Dish: Sonia Rykiel [doesn't really] design for H&M. Again.

While the behind the scenes of the creation of Sonia Rykiel's new collection for H&M (the last was a tacky Bebe-esque lingerie line) is cool-ish enough, it proves my sneaking suspicion that the big name designers H&M (and other mass stores like it) partner with to bring luxe to the masses, have little to nothing to do with the real design work. Which would explain why the final collections are always a far cry from the actual brands' feel, fashion and quality.

Do watch til the end of the video though to catch the snazzy presentation of the line. Models riding their hearts out on bikes that don't go anywhere. Fantastic.

[via New York Magazine]

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snowglobe fan said...

The Sonia Rykiel H&M line of knits is beautifully made, on par with her regular line selling for $600 +up. As a long time Sonia collector my guess is that her design team was very involved with the style and quality of the collection.