Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bye-bye Ugly Betty.

She may have been 'ugly' (by what standards I'm not certain). She may have worn inappropriately bold ponchos to the workplace. But I definitely didn't expect such an early departure from 'Ugly Betty.' Granted, I was not one of the show's biggest fans. I recall watching the entire first season one evening on Hulu when I couldn't fall asleep and never really finding myself able to engage with the show's slightly corny humor again. But still--the idea of a humble, true-to-herself, young lady from some outer borough of Manhattan (was it Queens or the Bronx, I can't remember now) making it--was appealing and inspiring. In honor of the show's cancellation by its network, ABC, I may wear a brightly colored, ill-fitting shirt tomorrow--one that says 'I may have bad style, but it's my own goshdarnit, and you better take me as I am. Because my ugly self is probably smarter than your well-heeled version.'

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