Sunday, January 24, 2010

We Like To Party: Paper Mag + Converse bring art and expression to Los Angeles.

Yesterday, Paper Magazine and Converse hosted the pub's annual 'We Love LA' bash, this time with an art twist. While the evening festivities at the Montalban Theatre in Hollywood promised live music, DJs and a livelier tone, I also sensed they'd be accompanied by a buttload of sweaty, young hipsters so I opted for the lower-key daytime fare. The lovely Ana Calderon DJed. Canvas tote bags were available for stenciling and creative expression thanks to Karen Kimmel's Art of Exchange. Costumes, photo opps, and murals were available for the children and daring adults over 20. And daylight didn't stop an open bar courtesy of Yours Truly's favorite vodka, Grey Goose.

[Image Credit: Jessie B. R. ]

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