Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Culture Jam. Innovative social media start up. Music marketer. My new employer.

In a perfect world, I'd lay on a beach all morning, hike in the afternoons and break for yoga and pasta lunches in between. In a slightly less than perfect world, I have to work to put the gluten free bread on the table. But in this slightly less than perfect world in which I am apparently not a woman of leisure, I have found an incredibly perfect job and for that I am grateful. I have begun work this week as the Marketing & Editorial Director at Culture Jam, a new social media start up in...wait for it...Santa Monica. I know I've never been a West Side girl. But...I am now.  

Culture Jam is a collection of groundbreaking concepts centered around creating a new value proposition for digital content creators and their fans. If you create culture for your fans, or if you are a fan of culture, Culture Jam will soon be your online destination of choice. Launching in 2010, Culture Jam will change the way content is distributed and consumed online.

PromoJam CMS is a versatile enterprise-level Twitter promotion builder and content management system that allows you to easily build branded viral marketing Twitter campaigns for your company, client, brand or artist on your own. PromoJam creates “tweet-of-mouth” campaigns that optimize the potential reach of each end user by leveraging the collective power of every user’s sphere of influence. Our intuitive plug and play technology makes creating and launching Twitter promotions as easy as one, two, three.

Recent PromoJam Clients have included Pearl Jam, Alicia Keys, Diddy, Rihanna, Muse, Live Nation, Regina Spektor, and TRV$DJAM. And upcoming projects we're working on include clients in film, fashion, sports and consumer products.

Check out our latest promotion with Pearl Jam and get a FREE download of the band's live version of 'Just Breathe'.

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And stay in touch as Culture Jam brings online content to the next level.

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