Friday, October 30, 2009

The horrors of Halloween.

Someone in the elevator just commented to me that 'everyone's getting into the halloween spirit.' I wonder if he mistook my all black outfit for Halloween spirit. I don't have Halloween spirit. I don't do costumes. I'm just a New Yorker. And even in LA, a New Yorker still needs to don an all black outfit once in a while. To remind herself of her obligatory cynicism and express her mourning for LA's lack of changing seasons.

To all those who are celebrating Halloween tomorrow (oh hell, you've all been trying to push your candy on me all month--you can't even contain your celebrating to a single day any more), enjoy! I hope that a fully grown adult in bear costume frightens you to your heart's content. And then gives you candy. Cause we all need more candy in our lives.


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Sam Nouri said...

i'm totally with you!