Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Food Find: Coolhaus, my favorite new food truck.

With all the brick and mortar places to get grub in LA, the allure of chasing down a truck to get a snack has dumbfounded me since the fad began.

Well, I'm a changed woman now. Last night Coolhaus made an appearance at the event I was working. And I'm in serious like with the mobile store. Coolhaus' specialty? Customizable ice cream sandwiches!

Cookie choices included chocolate, sugar, and chocolate chip. And ice cream flavors ranged from the simpler (just don't say plain) to the whimsical (Earl Gray) to the awesome (Blue Honey &Pine Nut) to the intoxicating (White Russian).

The truck itself--a boxy, little vehicle, somewhere between a Smart Car and a Taco Truck--is the creation of two young architects and is as cool as the desserts inside.

You can, of course, follow the truck's journeys [and try your own ice cream creation] on Twitter.


Cameron Cash said...

Is twitter the only way to find these guys? That's what I hate about the truck food fad - you never know where they're gonna be.

Jessie B. R. said...

I agree! I know that they show their Twitter feed, along with a Calendar, on their own website as well.

Carissa said...

You can also follow us on Facebook:

We also plan on expanding our company so hopefully you'll get to try out our ice cream!

Take care

-CoolHaus Team