Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Signs of the Time.

Seen around town this weekend...

Most of you have never actually sat on a bus bench before (never having rode LA's public transportation system, ya gas guzzling earth-killers). But perhaps you've caught some of LA's most impactful marketing messages on their backs.

This ad, touting Pastor Shepherd's Prayer Hour, caught my eye. Maybe it was the bug-eyed stare of a cult leader. Or maybe it was the combination of multiple offensive pastel colors. But I was moved to drive around the block a second time to snap this picture.

Upon investigation of the supposed Pastor's website, I found this inspired promo video from the Pastor himself.

I assume Pastor Shepherd is a comedian and not a holy man. Though some might not find there to be a difference between the two anyway.

Later in the weekend I came across this sign seeking a missing girl, Elizabeth Vega. Now, I am not a heartless bitch. I think it's absolutely terrible that this family's daughter has gone MIA. I do, however, wonder if they might have found a more dignified picture of their FIFTEEN year old to post all over East Hollywood--one without, let's say, the bared midriff and 'take me now' pose.

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Gage said...

the Pastor looks like he has a cocaine problem!