Friday, August 28, 2009

Puppets and perversion in Puppet Up!

I would generally steer as clear away from nightclub, Avalon Hollywood, as possible as I like to keep a healthy distance between myself and the ecstasy-influenced masses that frequent the club. But last Saturday night, I made an exception for the [pre-club night] showing of Puppet Up! Uncensored--where dozens of puppets (and their human puppeteer companions) took the stage at for an evening of improv, perversions, and occasional break-out into song. Patrick Bristow--who you might know from any number of roles (seriously--the dude's been in, like, everything--just check out his imdb page)--hosted the evening and led the cast through hilarious, audience-inspired scenes.

Even KTLA reporter Allie McKay was in the house and made a surprise visit to the stage. And when I say 'surprise,' I mean she was in total shock to be called up and I hope that she's fully recovered. I don't know if she had stage fright or if she is really and truly scared of puppets. But kudos to the lady for getting up and 'puppeting up.'

Don't miss the next show of Puppet Up! on September 19th. Click here to purchase tickets. Or check Goldstar to see if they offer half price tickets again for next month. Cause everything's better cheaper. Well, except for vodka and hookers.

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