Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Design Dish: Balls by Baleri Italia.

Waiting last night at the Apple store for the Genius Bar, I popped a squat in the kiddie section (where, mind you, I could not figure out how to open up any of the games supposedly suitable for six year old children). I took a seat on a pint size bean bag and thought, wow, Apple does even their kiddie seats right. This well designed bean bag was sleek. It was firm. It was exactly what I needed 3 or 4 of in my studio for guests. I peeked underneath to get a look at the tag and jotted down the designer--Baleri Italia.

Turns out these little 'bean bags' are not so little in the cost department. They're several hundred dollars each. Which means I won't be picking up one, let alone 3 or 4, anytime soon. But peeping some of the other designs--like the skull version below--they are officially a new obsession.

Perhaps I can afford one for my own child if I start saving now--perhaps by the time he goes off to college?

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