Saturday, August 01, 2009

Design Dish: Ninaki Jewelry

Remember those icebreaker games when you were a child during which the line of questioning would always, undoubtedly lead to an inquiry about your 'talents?' I used to answer this question with a detailed description [and often a demo] of my human pretzel. Looking back, I must have been an extreme disappointment to my mother who paid oodles along the way for dance classes, acting lessons, and karate--all in the hopes of instilling me with a a 'real' talent.

Now that I am older and not even flexible enough to boast a human pretzel any longer, I am even more impressed by folks who do have real talents. And always excited when those folks happen to be my friends.

One of my very talented pals, who may or may not be able to perform a human pretzel for you, is the designer of NINAKI, jewelry that is, simply put, to die for. The pieces are bold and beautifully sculpted [and will look amazing on me as soon as I can afford them].

This ring is one of my favorites...

Now, imagine it on my hand instead of on a wood dummy. Spectacular, right?

So, though I didn't make it to the Broadway stage, perhaps my mother can be proud at least of my good taste.

View Ninaki's collection here.

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