Saturday, August 08, 2009

Wesleyan makes the news. Again.

My alma mater, Wesleyan University, has produced some of the finest minds in science, literature, education, and the arts. But now that we've got some commercially successful musical alum on the scene (i.e. - MGMT, Amazing Baby, Santigold), the school's finally getting noticed by the masses.

Take the latest piece on the school in the Village Voice. The reporter completely underestimates our alma mater's standing as a hotbed for creativity. Just because you've never heard of the school, doesn't mean that there's all of a sudden 'something in the water.' It just means you haven't been around the block enough times. That, or you went to a state school. (Ouch. That even offended me...slightly.)

Wes alum--what's your take on the writer's perspective of Wesleyan?

[via Village Voice via Stereogum]

[Image Credit: Village Voice]

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