Thursday, August 27, 2009

We Like to Party: M.I.A. makes a [late] splash in Downtown LA.

Last night, M.I.A. hit the stage at Downtown LA's Lot 613 warehouse. Mind you--doors were an hour late. Mind you--she didn't actually hit the stage til after 1 am. After what seemed like hours and hours (and hours) of openers, including Pase Rock, Blaqstar, and much beloved local DJ acts like Them Jeans. And mind you--this is as close as I personally got to the singer...

(For those of you who are thinking--why, that looks like mere projections on a wall outside of the main venue--you'd be correct.)

But all in all, I'm not mad at last night. The crowd was not 14 years old. The lines for the bathroom weren't too long (which can make or break a party for me). I got to see firsthand that M.I.A. lost the baby weight. And I discovered that Monster makes water--that's right, just plain water--in a can. Rockin.

Thanks to my amazingly hip friends at Dance Right for bringing cool (and me) to DTLA.

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Michelle said...

Love it !! The wait definitely sucks but having this in downtown LA is a great thing for the city.