Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Name Game. When the name your mama gave you just ain't enough.

It seems that no one's given names are good enough for them anymore. Nicknames are commonplace from birth onward, sure (who hasn't heard their fair share of honey - baby - sweetie-pie - from her adoring parents). But the notion that grown men and women are giving themselves nonsensical names--in earnest--and expecting other grown adults to call them by these newfangled names--this confounds me completely.

Case in point. I ran across a press release this morning with this header: Book Launch Event for "It's Just Begun" by DJ Disco Wiz, Hosted by Frankie Needles with performances by Mellow Man Ace

Now, these men are all esteemed in their respective fields of hip-hop, art and fashion. And the event, I'll admit, promises to be a good one (it's tonight if you're interested). But tell me DJ Disco Wiz's mama isn't crying over the fact that her son (born, Luis Cede
ño) is going around with a self-proclaimed moniker that can't help but evoke images of everyone's favorite '50s cheese spread.

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