Saturday, August 01, 2009

Typographical Error: Sweet Undy's

Typos and grammatical errors really get my metaphorical goat (which, if I had one in real life, they could gladly have). Misspelling a word, using the wrong 'there,' or punctuating erroneously is like telling me you either don't care or can't afford one of these newfangled computers with spell check. But when stores actually pay money to have signs and menus and billboards produced for the world to see, still sporting a typo, anger turns to pity. And I can have a laugh with (or at) these unfortunate businesses.

Spotted in Downtown LA yesterday on Los Angeles Street: 'Sweet Undy's.'

There are a couple of possibilities here...

1. Undy is a person. A person with a really, really awful name. She is sweet. And this is her store. That coincidentally does sell undies.

2. It's the undies inside which are sweet. And someone at 766 Los Angeles Street did not complete 4th grade.

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