Friday, February 05, 2010

Celebrating Valentine's Day: Arty Party + Naughty Nature + Eat Your Heart Out.

Valentine's Day is exactly 9 days away...not that anyone's counting...though you might have thought it had arrived weeks ago if the decorated aisles of your local pharmacy were any indication. But no--it's right around the corner now and, in a relationship or not, it's likely on your mind.

Here's one thing not to do on Valentine's Day: stay in. There is simply too much out there to do. Plus, staying in if you're single is sort of pitiful (sorry friends). And staying in if you're in a relationship is pretty flipping lazy.

There's an activity in LA for each of you--one as perfect for you as your other half (ew, gag). So buck up, grab your date [or at least a platonic friend who likes to make out when intoxicated], and get out there young lovers.

For the Art Freak

There's Lucent L'amore at the Shrine in Downtown LA. According to my very poor language skills, the name translates to light / the love. In reality, it translates to a multimedia bonanza for you and your sweetie. There will be installations including one from The Do Lab (you've seen 'em at Coachella), art from talented peeps like Kofie One and L. Croskey (the brains behind Cannibal Flower), and entertainment from the likes of N.A.S.A. and Lucent Dossier Experience. I'm not saying a bunch of folks at this humongo party will be tripping balls,, I said I wasn't saying anything. Sober or--um, not--this event will surely provide enough mind-blowing distractions to entertain you on even the worst of Valentine's Day dates.

A Tip From Cupid: study up on the participating artists in advance and then say really smart and insightful things to impress your companion.

For the Nature Buff

There's always a hike. Cause nothing says romance like running out of breath and fainting at high altitudes. For the casual hiker there's Griffith Park (if you're not a casual hiker I'm not the person to talk to). Meet up at Trails Cafe where you and your new Craiglist Casual Encounters friend can caffeinate for the long walk ahead. If you're feeling lazy, order a sandwich and call off the hike. If you're really going to spend your Valentine's Day sweating, start up the trail and be sure to veer off to find Dante's Peak, a lovely little garden meets overlook meets picnicking spot.

A Tip From Cupid: try not to look as geeky as these kids in the picture here. Also, if you plan on getting frisky on the trail, bring a blanket. Getting weeds up your butt's not romantic.

For the Desert Duo

If nothing turns you and your lov-ah on like cactii and antique shopping, pack your bags and get out of town. Palm Springs is just a road trip and one very romantic iTunes compilation away. On the 13th, the Coachella Valley Arts Scene is hosting Doo Wop in the Desert - A Retro Valentine's Dance at the Ace Hotel Palm Springs. So get your semi-formal vintage out, your dancing shoes on, and your significant other in the car for a desert romance.

For the Hungry

Depending on how well you know your date, eating a large meal may not be advisable on V Day. But if you and your honey are close enough to feel bloated with each other, make a reservation (like yesterday) and dine, drink and then do (I mean, um, talk with) your date at one of these eateries offering prix fixe or holiday special offerings: Grace Restaurant (yes, there's a Ring Ding on the dessert menu), Bottega Louie (you'll be thanked for the ordering the macarons), or Real Food Daily (who says love can't come in the form of tofu everything).

A Tip From Cupid: do yourself and your date a favor. Don't overeat. Don't order things that 'disagree' with you. Bring an after dinner mint. Make that two.

Whatever you do this February 14th, be sure to remember that your lovely, local blogger needs love too. All Valentine's Day cards, chocolates, and other romantical and/or cash gifts can be sent directly to me. Thanks much and happy early lovey-dovey Hallmark Holiday.

[Main Image - Teointarifa]

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