Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Buh-bye to the Hummer.

God giveth. And God taketh away. And today, auto God GM announced that it will taketh away the Hummer.

I never got to ride to prom or my wedding in a Hummer limo.

I never got to compensate for inferiority complexes and/or small genitals by steering a Hummer through traffic on Hollywood Boulevard.

I never got to play out macho warfare fantasies by renting a Hummer and driving through the mean dessert roads of Palm Springs.

I never even got to test drive a Hummer. Mostly because the idea of sitting in one made me a little bit queasy.

But for all the good times I had making fun of Hummers, Hummer drivers, and everything Hummer-related, I thank GM and bid the grand ole automotive American symbol of excess and greed a fond farewell.

[via NY Times]

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