Friday, February 26, 2010

Desiree Rogers and her wardrobe leave the White House.

To me, politics is about as sexy as a pap smear. You sort of have to stay up to date for appearance's sake but god knows you'd rather not. But start talking event planning and I'll listen. Cause I love a party. I don't care if it's for the party's sake, for the President of the United States or for little Matthew's Bar Mitzvah. You say caterer. I say I'm there. So when I started reading about the White House's new Social Secretary last year--a smart, sassy woman with style to match, my ears perked. Desiree Rogers was gonna class up the joint [better known as the White House] and throw some political parties that might actually hold my attention.

And then last fall, as you may remember, 2 aspiring reality stars showed up at the White House steps and weaseled their way inside the first Obama state dinner. And now--well now Desiree Rogers is out of a job. And I am out of a political style icon.

Did somebody need to pay for the security breach? Sure, no one wants reality show scum showing up to the White House. That would be like inviting a rat to dinner. Unpleasant, embarrassing and just plain ill-advised. But isn't there a head of security for that kind of thing? The last great party I was at--it wasn't the party planner who was screening guests at the door. It was a strong-armed security team and a beautiful girl with a clipboard (yes, I've been both the planner and the beautiful gal at the door).

But apparently it's buh-bye to Desiree Rogers. Because someone needed to be made a public example. Someone needed to go so that the administration could say, see, we are doing our jobs. We are taking matters seriously. We are letting go of someone to make amends for this national security error. But if we let go of the head security, no one will notice because no one ever knew his name to begin with. So instead, we'll let go of Desiree. And with her, the grace, poise and fabulous wardrobe that she brought with her.

[via ABC News]

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