Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Design Dish: Sex sells. Armani Exchange. Big whoop.

Armani Exchange, the fashion brand best at putting its name on everything, has now figured out how to capitalize off of today's hot topic--same sex relations. The brand's latest campaign, titled 'Share the Love,' features a trifecta of man-on-man, woman-on-woman, and good ole hetero action. And considering that each couple shares a participant in common, one might say that the ad also implies a good ole partner swap.

Of course, some people are angry. Because some people are always angry. About something or other. The American Family Association's OneMillionMoms.com wants to clean up the 'filth' and [blah blah blah, whatever]. Well, OneMillionMoms--I have this to say to you. A) You should be happy--Armani features the hetero couple in the most contrasting photo of the three. The brand's clearly not as daring as you'd like them out to be. B) The couples aren't actually engaging in anything more than a brush-by. I saw more action at your church last Sunday. And C) Have you seen the other filth that's out there?! Hanna Montana is as straight as an arrow and as slutty as a sexpot. Go take her poster off your kids' wall before you take stabs at Armani Exchange. That brand's got enough to worry about without your yammering.

[via New York Magazine]

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