Saturday, February 27, 2010

Missed connection. At Koreatown Ralph's.

Dear Woman at the Koreatown Ralph's,

At approximately 9:43 this morning I got behind you in the checkout line. You had 2 cases of Diet Coke and I thought, 'hey, this woman and I both share great taste in carbonated beverages.' Plus, you were gonna be quick and I was in a rush and all.

But then, lady, you asked for bags for your two 12 packs. And the plastic bags alone weren't enough. You asked for paper too. And then-well then you asked for separate bags for each case of soda. So, in total, you walked out of there with each 12 pack in a paper bag within a plastic bag because 'they're heavy' as you pointed out to the Ralph's clerk who gets paid minimum wage to give you what you ask for even if you're asking to destroy the earth.

Lady--12 packs have their own handles on them as both you and I, as avid Diet Coke consumers, know well. You did not need a 12 pack with its own handle within a paper handle within a plastic handle. Diet Coke doesn't deserve to be associated with that kind of wasteful crap. And neither do my children (the one I may someday have and the other that I might adopt from an impoverished country ala Angelina Jolie). And neither do their children (the grandchildren I may someday have and that I wish to grow up amongst some remaining trees).

Get a clue lady. Us Diet Coke drinkers are supposed to be better than that.

Anyway, that's what I wanted to tell you this morning. And which I did tell in part to the poor store clerk after you left.

Signing off,
Someone who wishes she'd had the balls to tell you all this earlier today in line at the Ktown Ralph's on Western.
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Amber Avines said...


Embrace your inner activist next time!

It's amazing how oblivious people are sometimes and maybe she doesn't even realize the handles are already there on the pack. Yes, I know I'm likely being too kind and that she's probably just like most blissfully unaware people that have their purchase of a candy bar put into a plastic bag---only to have them take it out to eat it before they hit the exit door of the store.

As the quote goes: "Evil triumphs when good people do nothing."

Now get on it, girlie!