Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The personal lives of public figures.

The biggest news stories of this week have included Tiger Woods' 'transgressions' [for which he has now publicly apologized to his family]. And the coming out of 'Family Ties' actress Meredith Baxter. Both items made headlines on the front pages of national newspapers. Both have nearly overshadowed Obama's announcement that more troops will be sent to Afghanistan. Both are none of our goddamn business.

And I simply cannot figure out why we care. Husbands cheat on their wives not infrequently. Women over 60 come out of the closet...well, maybe not as often. Don't the members of the American population have their own problems and occasions to deal with? If not, I'd like to suggest needlepoint, or perhaps Mah Jong, as a more productive hobby than celebrity gossip.

[Image Credits: Tiger - Marcio Jose Sanchez/Associated Press; Meredith - Drew/AP]

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