Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Food Find: Big Man Bakes [cupcakes].

Call me a hormone-crazed female blogger, but it's clearly a dessert kind of day over here in overcast Los Angeles. Though I had Aussie treats on the mind this morning, my focus has shifted to sweets that are a little closer to home. Just down the street in fact. Just a few blocks away from my Downtown office has recently opened Big Man Bakes, a cupcake eatery which I'm confident will rival the bigger boutique cupcake chainlets which have sprouted over the last year or 2 (ala Crumbs). The bakery's proprietor, William 'Chip' Brown, is indeed a big man. But for those of us who are trying to stay a bit...well...not so big, he kindly makes a smaller version of his sugary goodness. And he'll sell you 6 of 'em for just $5.

Those of you who are observant and/or quick with math will notice that the picture above shows only 5 cupcakes. Well, there may or may not be even less remaining in the box now. Don't judge.

Big Man Bakes
413 S Main Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013

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