Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Pictures: Selma Blair's cavernous private parts in 'The Big Empty'

A few years ago when I was screening short film entries for a Gen Art event I came across a 21 minute film that, many moons later, has stuck in my head as a beautiful and poignant one. Finally finding it again last night via the modern miracles of IMDb and YouTube, I believe my fond memory may have been slightly exaggerated. The story of a girl whose vagina is so gaping and empty that she's swept around the globe by a fame hungry doctor for TV appearances seems less likely and slightly more hokey. But 'The Big Empty' is still worth viewing, if only to wonder how bigwigs like actress Selma Blair and exec producers George Clooney and Steven Soderbergh got wrapped up in a project about the wasteland of one poor girl's private parts.

If you've got the 21 minutes at work today, watch it and share your thoughts. And P.S. - keep your eye out for an appearance by House star Hugh Laurie peeking out from Selma Blair's hospital gown.

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