Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Le Tigre plays on words but will Tiger sell you tee shirts?

Le Tigre, the brand better known for its stitched logo than its actual product, has launched a new campaign. It references today's most scandalous star athlete, encourages a focus back on to the sport of golf, and even includes a charity angle.

But do we really need Tiger Woods right now, Le Tigre? And is it possible to 'get back on course' and away from Tiger's recent scandal when you're calling attention to him in the very same ad? And, greatest on the irony scale, does a charity that aims to 'promote character development and life-enhancing values' really need to associate itself with golf's biggest, ahem, player?

I would like to officially cast my vote on Le Tigre's new ads (because I know they were waiting on my input): FAIL.

[Via WWD]

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