Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Giving thanks for: a frosting frenzy.

How thankful was I to have a day-old Crumbs cupcake in my fridge tonight? Very.

Not much beats skimming the frosting off a cupcake with a fork. No cake, no carbs, I tell myself. And telling yourself is half the battle [toward denial, ignorance and pretty happy bliss]. Because everyone knows the frosting alone is, like, totally not bad for you.

Thing I give thanks for No. 3: Sugary, buttery, awesome desserts.

If you happen to be near any of the locations of this growing sugar empire this week, I'd like to try the 'White Hot Chocolate' cupcake next. Scoop that up for me by Thursday and I may even throw you onto the list of things I give thanks for.

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