Sunday, January 18, 2009

Xs & Os: Smart people DO get married.

The Vows Video section of the New York Times Weddings & Celebrations section (which you should know by now to be a favorite of mine) often evokes a lackluster response from me. The videotaped stories are generally cute (think: baseball games, blind dates, wet kisses), sometimes even practical (husband loses wife, wife loses husband, widows find each other in last attempt at lifelong companionship). But usually not smart--no, no, not very smart at all.

Today's featured couple, however, has proven both smart (think: ivy leagues, masters degrees) AND clever [well, sardonic, really]. Rachel Natelson and Seth Fogelman--cheers to you; you have my blessing. Because, c'mon now, you know you were waiting on it.

Watch their sort of weird, sort of endearing video here.


shanesla said...

jessie! i totally read this, too (LOVE the wedding section!) and had the EXACT same reaction- awesome. xx

Jessie B. R. said...

I mean, our wedding stories will be awesomer, I'm sure. But until those happen, I was pretty happy for Rachel and Seth here! xx